Benefits of Sound

Sound is used in medicine both diagnostically and therapeutically. Everyone now uses ultrasound to see the sex of an unborn child and see what the face looks like.  Ultrasound is applied to painful muscles can relax them. High intensity focused ultrasound is used to shrink tumors that are not responding to radiation or chemotherapy.

The use of sound is not new. It has been used for thousands of years to heal. From drums to digeridoos to singing bowls to singing monks, the basis is the same. The sound affects our minds in a positive way.  At the Quarry house we are using sound to relax you and put you in a meditative state. Many say it can break up trapped energy and release the energy blockages caused by tension, stress and pain. Studies have even shown that it decreases inflammation by raise certain brain hormones that make you feel better. 

Every sound experience is different, just as everyone’s energy and individual issues are different. We use a spectrum of  Tibetan and Quartz Crystal bowls to immerse you sound in sound, interact with the ventricles in your head and with your whole energy field. The bowls are “gonged” (gently tapped with a mallet) or “sang” (the mallet rubs around the top edge of the bowl ), so that the body is surrounded in a symphony of sound. In addition, the energy within a person’s body interacts with the sound and can actually influence the “singing” of the bowl. A trained sound “healer” listens to the bowls and adjusts the singing to your body’s needs. So no sound session is identical. By playing the 7 frequencies of the chakras the goal is to balance your energy field so that your body, mind can improve your overall health. 

We use the sound experience to help people get the health benefits of meditation when they are having difficulty doing it on their own. People usually experience intense relaxation and bliss. People enter a deep level of nonthought meditation or they may just fall asleep (which is ok too). As the blocked energy is released, they can experience enhanced mental acuity and/or relief of discomfort that may last long after the sound experience.   I have found that it benefits me to give the treatments. It has helped my arthritis pain and sense of wellbeing and I enjoy sharing this with the community.


Dr. Bill  

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