Our limestone covered building

qh porch

Our 4 season Sun Room

qhr main room

About Quarry House

We are a unique community wellness and education center. We have repurposed a 100 year old limestone covered scale house on the east side of Glens Falls which is rich in history. You can feel the spirituality immediately, as you literally, go past the Dead End sign and enter a new dimension. The retreat resides on over 25 acres of undeveloped land that creates the perfect ambiance for our mission.

In addition to the four season porch meeting room and our comfortable main room, we now have a multipurpose room with its exposed underground stone wall. We use it to host our biweekly sound immersions, but it makes a perfect backdrop for your next workshop, class, meeting or event. You can rent a specific room or the whole building.

We have nearby an old limestone quarry with a labyrinth, medicine circle garden an a gazebo. Solar panels provide energy to the well that feeds the shallow pools and lights at night. The grills and firepit are perfect for family and corporate gatherings.

Winter Quarry
Blessing the quarry

The Quarry acts as a natural amphitheater for small concerts. You can feel the special energy from vortex created by the interaction of the quartz crystals embedded in the limestone and the mineral water under your feet. This is a truly special place.

There is a mile long trail that can be hiked up and around the quarry, through the forest and down again.. You are welcome to experience the tranquility, beauty & peace it offers.

Dr. Bill (Brender)

Events at Quarry House

Quarry House has regular meetings and is available to rent for  events, retreats and special occasions.  We would be glad to talk to you about your special needs and see how we can help you.


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